Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There


Richard and Andrea's personal development documentary, Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There is best described as "the ultimate personal development road trip." What does that means? Well, for starters it's a unique down and dirty film that Richard and Andrea made without a fancy film crew over 44 days and driving over 12,000 miles around the country. Just real people who have learned and share some very important business and life lessons. This movie explores...

  • Why People Fear Hearing "NO"
  • How "Top Performers" Interpret "NO"
  • Responding to (and Learning From) "NO"
  • The Value of "NO"
  • How "NO" Isn't Personal
  • Reprogramming Thoughts about "NO"
  • Dealing with Failure & Rejection
  • Learning from Failure
  • How Top Performers Define "Failure"
  • How Often You Need to Hear "NO" to Succeed
  • The Power of Persistence
  • Talent vs. Tenacity? Which Matters Most?
  • Advice to a Younger You

In the film's finale, Richard & Andrea pull a play right out of the book Go for No!® by asking what advice their guests would give to a "younger version" of themselves!  It's a road trip like none other... and You're Invited Along for the Ride!

Who is in the Movie? A wide variety of people in all walks of life who were willing to share their Go for No! stories, philosophies, and beliefs, the documentary includes guest appearances by over 50 people who are successful experts and leaders in their industries including best selling authors and speakers like Jack Canfield, Chris Widener, Larry Winget, Lisa Jimenez, Randy Gage, Margie Aliprandi, Kody Bateman, "RUDY" Ruettiger, and over 50 others. 

This movie literally brings 'go for no' to life as you get to watch and listen to those who have failed their way to success. If you loved the book, you will love the movie.  

You will laugh, you might cry, and you will absolutely be inspired to take massive action!

personal development, sales, success, personal growth, the secret, Go for No Movie, Go for No!

Produced by Andrea Waltz, Richard Fenton  Written by Richard Fenton  Directed by Andrea Waltz

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Released 2010
Genre Personal Development
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Runtime 98:00